RGB-Display Shader

Thanks all for posting your node trees. I borrowed a bit from everybody to make this. I think it turned out kinda well. I think my favorite part of this effect is the color banding.

Well this is a great thread and I really appreciate that everyone is reproducing an effect that I struggle to ELIMINATE at work when we shoot screens! Thanks everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

Next tutorial: How to make screen and lightbulbs flicker at realistic hertz. Plus, don’t forget to add lens flares to the screen!

But actually I do have a question for this thread. You know how occasionally in recordings, LCD screens show up with a blue tint? What causes that, and can in be replicated with nodes?

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

Probably blue because the screen is a/ not white balanced on camera or b/ the LCD does not have a good spectra response (drifting chroma). Just use a white balance node to skew peak values in compositor or as a material bias the image with a curve in blue.

haha :smiley: brilliant!

Of interest I’d bet:

We do this for you, David. Just for you.


Ok fine, as long as I can make them too. At least I can match the crappy rainbow effect now.

thank you very much ! I have been working on a laptop ans was trouble getting the screen right, this node setup is really good and looks amazing. Again, thank you !

How the hell can you come up with such brilliant ideas?

I’m not even capable of recreating my own LCD nodes set-up :frowning:

This is very simple!!!.. Thanks for your tips!!!

Thanks for this, I used it at work today and it was a lot of fun to play with. Even works in OpenGL mode :wink: