The RGB does not work like I’d expected it to work in Paint , when I enter the values of a color that i picked in Paint and entered them manually the colour is not right , also why can’t the values of HSV go above 1?


What did you expect differently than RGB setting the red, green and blue values?

HSV is like the name says hue, saturation and value, and represents the RGB color model as cylinder.
Hue is the angle of the circle, 0° is red, 120° is green, and 240° is blue, blending back to red as it goes to 360°/0°. As angles are not so great you just say 0 = 0°, 1 = 360°
The value is the central vertical axis of the cylinder, representing the achromatic, or gray colors, it ranges from “lightness” 0 (black) to 1 (white)
And the saturation is where you’re on the radius of the cylinder between 0 and 1. 0 is the achromatic color in the height of the set “lightness”, and at 1 it is the color of the set hue at XY°

So I don’t really get your question - if there’s any.

Paint, that graphics software of magic which comes with Windows and is still part of the screen capturing process in it, should be killed with fire and no tears should be shed for anything that turns to ashes with it.

The color is not probably right because of other material properties and lighting. Hue in HSV is in a cylinder where primary colors are red: 0°/360° = 0, green: 120°/360° = 0.333, blue: 240°/360° = 0.667. Going over 1 would mean another round, or that Microsoft made the software.

I just want to know how can I pick a color from another program such as MS Paint Photoshop with the color picker tool and create that same color by entering the RGB values in the Diffuse section of Materials so I can colour my plane that same color.

r= 240/255 = 0.941
g= 128/255 = 0.502
b= 56/255 = 0.220

And this will look wrong, due to Blenders color management, which you can turn off in the render properties tab > shading

I ticked the Shadeless box and entered the RGB values but it still doesn’t look like it should be ; it’s creamier but I suppose using textures would be easier then.

I posted exactly about that one post ago… it’s the color management.