RGB prod 2009 demoreel

Hello friends,
here is our new demoreel for 2009: http://www.rgbprod.com/

RGB Prod Switzerland
producing imagination

nice animation! congratulations!

I’m guessing 37.89% done in Blender?

Are you using After Effects in that reeel?

What render engine for the Blender parts?

Wow. Just wow. :yes:

Yeah. This work got big wow factor indeed. Great job. How many people where working on this?
It’s impressive anyway

Very polished. The RGB logo and the lens distort looked particularly nice.

@atom :
95% of 3d is blender. actually only the “transforming stone cube” is XSI … the red robot is full blender…and we only use blender internal as a renderer.
it is hard to tell how many people have worked on it, as its a selection of different works with different numbers of people working on each :slight_smile:
and yes after effects was used as compositing and motion design tool.
blender was also used for compositing the red robot on footage.