RGB Series - #2 "Pixelation"

Normally I would at least bevel these objects, but I wanted the straight edges to stand out. I’m not sure I’m happy with the results. As always, I could use your feedback to improve.

I like where this series is headed. The first, and then second, whats the third one going to be?

I look forward to updates.


It seems a little crouded in there IMO, I, personally, would have at max seven or eight stacks of blocks.


What I really liked about the first in the series was that you had the objects knotted, almost a celtic style but then it got stringy, which was cool too…

This one just seems a bit to simple in it’s construction, the render is nice though. :slight_smile: Perhaps have the block linked together though the open areas, maybe some of them standing on there points. Not sure I like the floor texture, it looks blurred or something, but with sharp reflectoins. Keep at it though. 8)