RGB series - "Time to Degauss"

This is the first in a series of images I plan to make of this theme. You may have already seen it in the WIP section under “Boredom.” It started out as just that - being bored and messing around with blender. Thanks for all the suggestions that helped me turn this into an actual project.

its very pretty :]

excellent caustics !

realy nice.
everything looks good.
can’t wait for the others

A saying goes that idle hands are the devils workshop but you prove exactly the opposite. This is god like work ! Awesome work on the caustics and material. I love it!

yep, really good looking. Anyway, I liked as well the first one, maybe due to its ‘first take’ quality. In a way, like those rock bands that release an unproduced recording because its atmosphere is unique (eg Thats Entertainment, The Jam)

sorry if I went a bit off topic %|

Yay, coloured tubes :smiley:

Nice render, can’t say much more %|


That’s amazing! I haven’t been able to get good looking glass, so far. I guess it’s all experimentation.

very nice render but the DOF really bothers me… it just detracts from the simplicity of the image. i think if you should use a much subtler DOF setting

what apature did you use?

0.01 but I softened the noise in postpro.

0.01 but I softened the noise in postpro.

by increasing the apature, it will increase the blur effect for you so no post pro would be necessary.

I find that the DOF is too noisy. If I increase the aperature, it will be more blurry, but still noisy. Even if I pump up the AA samples. I haven’t figured out a way around this. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.