Rh2 bwc 2010

May or may not finish this.

I just thought up a character and decided to make him…
Not sure how ill make it look like a stopmotion prop, but Ill do that when I get there.


hehehe,i hope you can finish your work ;).
Good luck

It looks like a neat character…I hope you can finish it.

Must admit, the ears have been the hardest thing so far.
Guess I should give him pants and a hoodie.

He should be rigged and ready for render by the end of today.


experimenting with the clothes…


Main body UVs done.


currently looking for the blender2.5 external texture projection thingy… :slight_smile:

do you mean the Export UVs? i used it the other day, it should be in the Image Editor’s options, under UV…i think.

the character looks good :slight_smile: reminds me of something, but i can’t figure out what…

o.0 I fall into style categories without even trying to?!

haha :slight_smile:

first texture pass is approaching final…


I can’t get cloth simulation to work with planes and cubes, but the coat just wants to fall through the character.

Even after I made the character manifold and applied all the modifiers.

I dont know why, but at first glance, he seems to remind me of The Undertaker from WWE. Off topic, I know. Sorry.

Don’t worry about being off topic. Its actually very interesting to see what people think about my characters.

Never seriously tried cloth simulation before and today I paid the price.
All objects involved in a cloth simulation MUST be on the same layer.
onto rigging!!! (finally:rolleyes:)

metal looks good, now to append an armature from another project…


metal looked so good I had to do a beauty render :o


wow… a day behind schedule.
But I wasn’t expecting cloth to be that difficult.

gonna weight paint tomorrow, and Ill improvise from there.


Eyes and mouth need refinement. Cloth is a bundle of surprises…


clay render…
I’m beginning to like LuxRender :slight_smile:


wow! real progress since i last checked, love the animation :slight_smile: