RH2s big project

All great ventures need good titles.
This one is vague because “project” can be anything :slight_smile:

This is my first “work in progress” thread on blender artists.

Early stages:

A fish or some sort of flying vehicle I guess.

Is that ngons on a few of the faces?

No ngons yet, everything was quads… until this little 3-sided guy showed up!
I don’t want to subdivide edges, that would mess up the surrounding quads.
writing this statement has given me the idea of using ripping to solve this problem… maybe threads help me think :eyebrowlift2:

Well if it’s equal the other side will have the same issue. Take out the face and the exact same one on the other side and then make a loop cut right at center of the edge on the right of that used to be face and there you go - 4 dots to connect there and on the other side

fixed the tri by subdividing, found that ripping was essentially doing the same thing and wasn’t ripping the right faces. http://gallery.freshsurge.com/d/287-1/triSolved.jpg
solved the problem by: 1. selecting the lateral faces 2. subdividing 3. converting new tris to quads 4. tweaking vertexes to make the quads convex.

nicktechyguy: thanks for trying to help :slight_smile:
you were correct about the model being identical on both sides, though subdividing that edge alone would have made another tri.


At the moment I’m designing the engines. using instances to preview the engines in positions while being able to work on a different instance still oriented to the global coordinates.
(I didn’t know about the alt-d key until 3 months ago…I thought it was a duplicate hotkey for duplicate.)

I find them to be amazing compared to groups… which I use for strewing around objects in the environment.

I guess I need to model a ball socket

My method would have not made another Tri. I’ve done it many times in that position before - you’ve just haven’t calculated the process in your head correctly yet.

Otherwise its coming along nicely

nicktechyguy: I know your method must work, I just don’t understand the instructions.

I think I indirectly did what you suggested… though your implementation would have been cleaner. I may go back and fix that later :slight_smile:

Just a progress update: blocking in the engines, will think about how to do the mechanical attachments until tomorrow.

Mechanical system idea developed for the 6 middle engines, now to implement.

So it’s a space ship I’m guessing?

mcguinnessdr: well I hope it can do more than just fly around in space…:slight_smile:
85% done with the modeling of the middle 4 engines. http://gallery.freshsurge.com/d/303-1/midRengines_5.jpg

Engines still in progress ~93%. This should be the hardest part to model besides the robotic arms.


So are yo making this up as you go along, or do you have a plan?

major checkpoint finished: mechanical engine control attachment.
I will go back and add the cables later. Thrust vectoring is on the list.
The next part is adding four fixed engines

I think I have a plan :slight_smile:

It’s materializing at the moment

A plan is not required for a blend, it’s for fun at times. Right now your model seems to be coming along nicely. Love the engines