RHCP Snow (Hey Oh) Band Animation (you can watch it now :D)

not the full song :smiley: here’s an animation i made, took me forever and like 6 different full renders to check if timing was right. My first animation that i’ve shown here (i gotta upload my other intros).

:eyebrowlift: he’s pointing with his eyebrows to the link :smiley: That works now i think. If not click the youtube one down there.

Vimeo says, “bugger off – no one’s allowed to look! :no:”

Dammit, i don’t know a thing about vimeo. Quality sucks on youtube. O well. here. http://youtube.com/watch?v=4mXui4AProg Now tell me how to fix vimeo :smiley:

EDIT: I fix vimeo now :smiley:

hahaha thats actually really really cool. i love the style of it. you should make the whole thing!

Very cute. Nice style. I can easily imagine this stuff spliced into an RHCH music video. Try doing a mash up.