Rhino Model

I’ve been foolin around with 3D for a while, mostly with Anim8or, but I just started to get serious with Blender, and this is my first model with it. C&C greatly appretiated.

Also, I have some questions, how can I get rid of the lines where I joined the meshes? And, that is obiously not textured, mainly because I just could not figure out how to UV map is or anything. I tryed exporting it to an OBJ, and then using UV Mapper, but that was too cluttered. And I have looked at the UV and texturing tutorials, but they are all for AFTER you have the image made, I need to draw the texture, and none of the tutorials that I found, worked. So if anyone has any detailed instructions or tips on that, I’d be very thankful.


Did you try Remove Doubles to fix the seam?

I like it, except the legs, which aren’t well detailed right now.

No help for UV mapping from me, I suck at it.

Hey there Freddy,
that’s a good start. to get rid of the seam after you join your 2 meshes, you have to “remove doubles”. You do this by selecting all vertices (in edit mode) hit “W” and select “remove doubles”. One thing to note for this to work, all the vertices at the seam of your mesh have to be very close together, essentially right on top of each other, when you perform the remove doubles operation.

As far as UV unwrapping (which is what you need to do to UV map textures to your model), here are a couple of links that might help:
Blender’s UV Editor; this tells you how to use the editor (what keys to punch and what it can do)
Actually unwrapping something; this is sort of a walk through on unwrapping something complex.

These come from the Blender Documention site.

I was able to use those references to unwrap models. To be honest, I won’t really be able to help you in the UV department beyond that, as I am concentrating entirely on modelling rignt now and have yet to do any texturing or even rendering.

Hope this helps!
One last piece of advice:
Use reference images, take your time, and HAVE FUN!! :smiley:

Thanks. Yea, that render is with doubles removed, I made sure it got all of them too. So I think I might semi-redo it, I saved a copy of the mesh before I mirrored it, so I’ll see if there are any problems from there on. And thanks for the UV link, thats exactally what I was looking for, I think. Thanks again.

Hope the links help. BTW, if you still have a seam showing after “remove doubles” then you probably have seperate vertices, meaning the vertices are not close enough to merge using remove doubles. if you zoom in on the seam where vertices should meet, you should be able to see if there are more than one vertice. If there are, you can merge them together manually, in the “w” menu…
Keep at it! :slight_smile:

I can’t see the image.

Use the mirror modifer on the original mesh (instead of manually mirroring it). It’s in the new RC1 version. (not sure of the other alphas). Yeah, the feet obviously need some detail.

maybe start out with a procedural cloud texture set to bump/nor mapping to give it a little bit of realism while modeling and doing test renders. I’m no good (haven’t even tried on anything) at UV texturing.

Now I see him and I think he is pretty good, I ain’t no expert of Rhinos but do they really have humps that are that big? Also I think the feet nedds more details.