Rhino sculpt

Another Dyntopo sculpt, this time presented with a “campfire” look. Also contains some slightly pathetic embers to reinforce the idea, as i still cannot get any smoke working. My attempt at bokeh kind of failed as well, however i think I’m happy with the Rhino, which is really the focus here. used what was originally intended to be a three point lighting setup, but with about 20 billion rim lights. there was also a hdr image with a strength of 0.01, because why not.
And finally I resisted the urge to shove in a Gimp lens flare.
Anyway I would love some advice of how to better present sculpts, as well as advice on how to better sculpt.
(does anyone know another way to create lens flares? Gimp’s one is getting boring)

(raw render)

(AO pass, just for the hell of it)