I stumbled into a plethora of topiary images and thought it would be an interesting challenge to recreate in Blender. In the end it became the topic of a new exercise on Blender Cookie. At 3000 x 864 resolution it took 4.5 hours to render with Cycles - Perhaps I got a little carried away with particles :eyebrowlift:. Post processing done with the compositor.

Ultimately, I hope this image makes you want to tour an elaborate english garden on the back of a stylistically-proportioned rhinoceros at 6 am with an overly excited robin chirping interesting horticultural facts along the way. Enjoy!

Amazing! Just…amazing :yes: You are my favorite artist :wink: I love all your tutorials!

Really beautiful atmosphere and rhino!

Crop of your picture seems a bit too tight though, otherwise peaceful image gets unnecessary tension cause focal point (bird) is so close to top. I think giving more negative space above the rhino and bird would make wonders to this image :slight_smile:

Love that piece. The HD render is beautiful. It definitely makes me wanna take that ride on that rhino:-)
thx also for your brilliant tuts, they ´ve been very precious for me (not just me I guess).