Rhythmok Videogame Stylized Character (Rok)

This is a character model I made for a university videogame project called Rhythmok. it was the first time I tried to make a human character in Blender from scratch. :guitar: :guitar:

Finally decided to join blenderartists.org. Since the beginning of my Blender journey, I have been checking out a lot of topics from this page that has helped me solved a lot of issues. So it was about time I made an account in case I need to ask for help or help others if I can.

This artwork was made back in May 2021 but I posted it here because I wanted to have it in my portfolio.


Back when I made this, I only followed a couple of Blender tutorials and modelled some furniture as a way of practicing. But I took the university videogame project as a chance to learn new skills. One of the hardest parts for me was making the clothes.

I had little time to make this model so it was stressful, but at the same time it was a fun challenge and I very happy to have commited until finish it even though It is not perfect. I keep a sweet spot in my heart for this project even though it is the work of an beginner and there are many things I would change or do differently today.