Riatt Mutha (UPDATE 001)

greetings to the community,

here some pictures of my current work. wanted to post earlier stages but it never happend.

the animal:
she is pregnant, she is aggressive, she kills with a big thron placed in her lower jaw (not yet modelled). this thorn and the hunting method formed her anatomy: e.g. big neck muscles.


front wire

side wire

top wire

i am not sure about her legs and feet.


now your c&cs please:

Wow- that is really distrubing, but cool none the less :P. Very very interesting. J00 winn. :smiley:

I have a question though- what type of mesh did you start this model with? A cube?

thats probally the scariest thing i’ve ever seen. :eek:

thats one angry mutha!

lol, i think that is a very nice model. nicely done

icarus: yes, i started with a cube. first thing was the head. then roughed out the body and sarted detailing.

catfish: ‘mutha’ sounds great. i will change the post title because of you to ‘riatt MUTHA’.

thanx for your replies.

small over all works, especially refining the legs and defining the feet.


your c&cs please

Ew big floppy titties… Nice modelling :D.

Ummm… wouldnt it be a bit hard to keep on balance with hoves? Expecialy if it hunts wiht its jaw.


lookin good lax (sorry don’t know short-cut for those two dot things.lol)

can’t wait to see some textures:D

modelling work

and started to experiment with textures

thanx for comments, critics and of course only watching

great concept, but her weight is not balanced, assuming this is a rest position (I’m looking at the side view). She probably will fall backwards.

Loving this design! The couple of things that strike me as awkward are the hooves, they need to be pushed back a ways to hold the weight better.
Also the neck, to me, seems a little too straight.

thanks for your comments and critics!
I was also unsure about her balance and tried some positons. while still not satisfied I passed through to experiment with texturing. after both of you mention that issue I will rework her position for a better balancing.

I also think she has not a good rest positon. the position i modelled her is a mixture of a rest positon and a posed positon …

Looks great!

But what if its weight is not balanced. Thats the good thing about blender, right? That you can create anything that normally can’t be done in real life.