ribbed surface on building model

I’d like to do a vertical rib surface on my building for both the walls and the roof. This is to imitate a metal panel exterior on my building. I’m thinking of how I would try to add a layer, then add vertical loops, then extrude the loops and apply a bevel or something but this sounds too intensive if there’s an easier way. So far my attempts to sculpt the building haven’t worked. As a matter of fact, sculpting in blender generally hasn’t worked well for me at all. My building is simple, flat surfaces with windows and a door. There is a sketchup model example at: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=5832f0184ae0e726e40013a89f4d5527

could you make a little sketch or something?

From what I understood, this could be a job for the displacement modifier, if you have an appropriate texture.

I think a texture based bump ( normal map ) would be sufficient, and definately the easiest solution. I will generate one for you…one moment…(edit) this is a tiling texture btw

[ATTACH]223567[/ATTACH]Here is the panel I made to try to use as a texture.It’s a bunch of pieces put together, linked and appended from a /lib folder. I was able to get it on part of my roof.(?) I don’t know how to make it work. Thanks for the bump map, I’ll try it if I can find a tutorial that outlines the procedure.[ATTACH=CONFIG]223566[/ATTACH]

Thanks for the bump map, I’ll try it. This is the panel(plane) I made to try to use as texture/material.
ou can see I sort of got something on my roof, but not what I want.


pbr3.blend (509 KB)

using a normals map is not difficult, it’s just an image texture set to ‘normal’ instead of ‘color’ in the influence panel. and under ‘image sampling’ click ‘normals map’.

I gave up and wallpapered it with some images from cgtextures. I’ll try harder next time. Until then, many thanks.