RIBMosaic (Renderman) for Blender 2.5x! Progress!

Eric Back aka WHiTeRaBBiT has posted an awsome update on the progress of his very ambitious Renderman integration with Blender 2.5 - RIBMosaic:

It’s a very thoroughly planned project as you can see by this old blog post, outlining the concept of the new version, and what was learned from the old Blender 2.49x Mosaic:

It’s one of the most ambitious and yet underappreciated projects for Blender IMHO, but rest assured this will make ripples when it’s released, it really changes everything for Blender as a production tool.

Althougjh the FS/OSS Renderman renderers like Aqsis and Pixie aren’t quite on the level of 3Delight, Pixar PRman or AIR, there’s promising developments on Aqsis, with “newcore” slowly taking shape.

Cool stuff ahead for Blender for sure, the new sculpting tools and ptex support by jwilkins and nicolas bishop will be a perfect match for a Reyes renderer!

Check out the post by Eric Back and look at the screenshots. He’ll make a few screencasts when the first semi-functioning release arrives (soon).

Great ! :slight_smile:

Also, his approach is pretty close to in-house Renderman pipelines at big VFX houses like Weta, ILM et al. But he’s designed it in such a way that everything from artists to TDs can use this, It’s increcibly well planned for a one-man-job.

I think it’s cool that one man manages to pull something like this off, without much attention from the Blender community and without financial support(?).
I think it will rival that of Pixar’s and DNA Research dev teams came up with for Maya with “RenderMan for Maya” and “3Delight for Maya”.

Only issue seems to be the render API for Blender, wich is incredibly unstable and lacks some crucial things like the ability to access sub-frames in animations, but surely that’s coming soon :slight_smile:


This looks amazing, his older 2.49 exporter was quite amazing too, I worked along side Animate1978 on a project called Widow, which was making use of WhiteRabbits exporter script and the Aqsis rendering engine, we were in contact with WhiteRabbit quite a bit about the exporter and some of the issues it presented in the pipeline.

I’m eager to see what the new 2.5x exporter will be capable of!

Just in case anyone is interested in looking at a pipeline based upon Blender, MOSAIC and Aqsis, you can read the wiki page we have for the project; http://projectwidow.wikidot.com/

(Still looking for an animator by the way :wink: )

Ah, this is so interesting yet so complex! I wonder if there is enough room left in my brain for renderman settings… Great to have this option though, Eric’s work is an awesome addition to the tools

I’m always lurking this amazing project, even though I never used Renderman… I agree it’s very underappreciated, but this has the benefit of not much user whining and demands, which means the developer can work in his own steady pace…

Great news and amazing stuff. I did tried to follow the project and submitted news to blendernation. But i have lost touch too :frowning: its a good thing that the developer (whiterabbit) has not lost motivation and is working on this huge rewrite of the plugins. I realy wish his project gets the attention he deserves

Seems he’s working 2-6 hours per night on this, and has already managed to get down 8000lines of code on the new 2.5x mosaic :slight_smile: I was afraid it was abandoned for a while there, I couldn’t have been more wrong :slight_smile:
He’s just rather working instead of posting updates.

Matt Ebb just made an extremely cool commit:

This is extremely important for external render engine integration, thanks Matt! :slight_smile:

I appreciate Whiterabbit’s work and have been using ribmosaic with 2.49 before. I’m lovin it.