Richard Marks - Sketchbook


This is my first attempt at a high-poly to low-poly workflow.

Modeling and normal/ambient occlusion map baking was done in blender, texturing was done with GIMP, textures were sourced from cgtextures and highly modified.

Any C & C is welcome and desired.

I only started learning blender two days ago.:slight_smile:

I do know that the bands on the barrel are a bit messed up. I didn’t spend extra time to fix them, as the barrel is intended to be seen from a distance (a top-down RPG), and at a distance the errors cannot be seen. Below is the high poly mesh

Usually (unless it was for some low-end mobile device), you wouldn’t want to have any actual shading on the color map of a texture (instead you would just have raw colors as if all shading and lighting were removed).

The intention is for a PS1-era low-poly and low spec hardware style of game, not today’s HD quality games.

My latest creation. [video][/video] Read more about this here: