Richard Williams passed away at 86

Everyone here and every animator out there probably knows Richard Williams through his book “The Animator’s Survival Kit”. Mr. Williams passed away at 86 last Friday evening.

Williams animated for 74 years of his life. Here is the first animation he produced as a 12-year-old in 1945:

Amazing. Yes, he was 12 years old. No computers, no tech except a pencil and paper, and a boundless passion for the craft, which persisted throughout his life.

A good article to learn more about the man himself:

With Williams, one has the sense that animation was never really a career or job, it was a way of life, a religion, and until the end, he could never get enough of it.

Let’s bow our heads in respect, and take a moment to reflect on his work and life. His words and animations have inspired myself to improve my own work countless times.

RIP Richard Williams. You will be missed.


RIP Richard!


It’s a loss, but luckily he reached a respectful age. Back in the pre-internet era, when I was an Amiga animator for 16-bit games and children’s television series, The Animator’s Survival Kit was one of my two animation bibles, next to Preston Blair’s Cartoon Animation book.


RIP and thank you for your presence in this world.

You had a possibility to make good things and (for what we know) you did it.
Thank you again.


I highly recommend watching this video about his animation legacy and technique. The guy was truly one of a kind.

He will be missed.


Here’s one of his more recent animations showcasing his talent (from 2015). Viewer discretion is adviced, since the short gets pretty violent. Depicts blood and nudity.


@Frozen_Death_Knight I didn’t know most of these animations …
the mind of this man was simply beyond.
I wanted to peek at his works and study them well.
like Moebius, a few years ago, another pillar left us.

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