Render of ‘Richard’ from the video game, Hotline Miami.

“Do you like hurting other people?”

Clay Render

Details and misc. added with procedural textures and compositing

Wow, looks amazing. I really love the picture! Especially the vibrant colors in the lighting, because it really brings out the hotline miami vibes. Also nice detail in the shader and those lines (I mean the ones that make it look like an old tv screen).

this has some nice potential, really like the scultping. Ideally would be to get more advanced materials on him. Also the lighting could be worked on, but I think you should put the time to do that cause this has a lot of potential! really nice sculpting.

The general idea and look are great. Now it would use some cool detail, not too much. At this point, it looks cool as a miniature but when you enlarge it there is not a lot more to look for.

Maybe this lecture might be helpful: