Visualisations for a kitchen remodel and interior design project on the lower ground floor of a Victorian town house. The clients were an elderly professional couple with some mobility restrictions who wished to reconfigure the existing space to make their residence more manageable in their retirement.

The brief was to knock through and unify existing kitchen, cellar, and utility rooms, replacing these with an open, multi-functional space that maximised light and access to an established garden. Architectural plans were provided and a design theme established, but beyond this I was given relatively free hand with the interior layout and design. I have attempted to create a space that feels practical yet comfortable, with small touches of warmth and refinement.

Modelling: Blender 2.9
Rendering: Cycles

There are a few shots, such as #1 and the last two, where I would conceal a colored diffuse fill-lght (on low power …) just to make the cabinet surfaces, backs of chairs, and so forth a little less drab. You’re not supposed to notice that the light is actually there and you don’t see them.

Thanks for your suggestion, that’s a good point and I appreciate you taking a moment to share it. Because this was a commission it was important that the client could visualise the space using only the real lights that are going to be installed, rather than using additional artificial lighting to create a particular ‘look’ for these images.