Richter09's entry for Christmas competition

Hi, here’s my entry for the blenderguru Christmas competition:

Please reply as I really need comments and criticisms on this. Also, I’m not sure if it is clear what is happening in the picture so please say if you can’t tell what is going on.

Thank you and Merry Christmas, Richter09

The concept is good, I guess something about Jesus’s birth.
Your image is way too dark, I had to copy it to Photoshop, and adjust the levels.
When I did it, it became clearer.
Also, your shadows are very harsh. You should make it softer. Also, Cycles would render this way better I think.

I added the adjusted image, so other people can see what it means.

Your candle appears to be penetrating the shelf :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the replies.

I did that to try to give the impression of dripping wax but if it is so obvious, I’ll remove it.

I wanted to use cycles for this but couldn’t find it anywhere online. Do you know where I can download it?

Do you mean that I should the light from the candle or the environmental lighting or both?

The part in the middle is supposed to be Mary holding Jesus but I don’t think it’s very clear. If you can think of a way to make it more obvious, please could you say.

Thanks again, Richter09

Here’s my new render:

For Cycles, here you go:
Just select Cycles Render instead of Blender Render using the drop-down in the top bar.

Use Metaballs instead.
I’ll post an image soon.

Edit: Here is a render from a lab scene, for an animation project I’m working on.

Obviously, though, dripping wax wouldn’t look like that.
You’d also need a slight bump map.

@ Bash_I: Thanks for the tip. I’ve never used metaballs before but they’re actually pretty fun to place!

Here is my new render:

Looking much better ;)!
The candle’s flame could use some work, but I don’t think there’s enough time for the competition.
If you’re interested, here’s a PDF tutorial of Andrew Price’s… the result is actually pretty good.
You’d need to tweak it a bit to make it look like a candle fire.

Also, in my opinion, the concept isn’t really clear; I realized what it’s about after a while of staring (I’m not sure if it’s right… something about the birth of Jesus maybe?)
You have a pretty good image there, though, the concept should be fine :wink: