Rick and Morty: The Butter-Passing Robot

Hello! I just finished my recreation of a little robot that passes butter from the TV show Rick and Morty. If you aren’t familiar with the show, here’s the quick 1 minute scene it appears in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7HmltUWXgs

(Thanks to the people who gave me suggestions in the critiques section!)

And here’s a comparison image from the show:

I used Blender for almost everything, and Photoshop for post. Rendered in Cycles with 15,000 samples, took about 8 hours to render.

Solid view:


Cool dude! i loooove rick and morty but i think the steam in teh background is a bit overdone other than that i like the picture :slight_smile:

I LOVE the materials, they look so real!

Looks awesome! :smiley:

This is good. It would be weird, in a good way, to see other Rick and Morty characters, in such a realistic style.

Hey PigPocher,
Would you mind if I used this image to get a tattoo?

nice work !!!

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Not at all! Send me a picture if you do :smiley:

Awesome! Will do! Thanks :smile: