Ricky's Diner (Page 1 - updated june 12)

I am working on a spoon, fork and napkin. I want those to be meshed very accurately. Seldom do I see utensils here, correctly meshed (except for those weird ones with the tobacco adapters here).

Once I get the silverware finished, I will use those on the older kitchen project and make that more complete too.

You should make the level of salt different than the level of pepper.


Very nice work indeed!!

OK, I’ll bite…Why no XML? Speed??

I have been doing a few test renders with Yafray, trying to get a better feel for the additional options over the internal renderer.

Superb renders, love the high level of realism! The jelly packets are very cool!

looks pretty cool :slight_smile:

Speed is the answer. Actually, I just need to see if the thing is rendering (at all) or if my Blender is frozen.

I don’t want to tweak this thing with full GI. It’ll take years to.