Rico Tyrell: Finally in the Finished Projects

Hey guys!

gee its been so long since i posted something on here, how much do i suck!?!?! waits for the flame comments of hate and distaste for not posting things. I’ve been checking new pics when I can though.

Last year i worked a bit on a character from Phantasy Star Online series just for fun and practice, i finished the model and all, but I had no reason to animate her. Enter, animation demo reel =P

So after a while gathering dust here is something proactive ifnally. couple of days to animate on and off amongst rendering other things for my animation reel.

Here is image of Rico and Mag sidekick models (I was going to animate the mag too but just didnt end up with enough time in the end)


…and wire



And here’s the animation =)

XviD ~350k

Love to know what you think!

Maybe I should post up my whole demo reel? Today I start handing it into studios so I’ll see how I go.

All the best and if I’m lucky I’ll be posting lots more as I grow my reel version 2.

Peac out!

:: I know for a fact some users here on Blenderartists work at Sega, so I just hope that you guys arn’t offended by me blatently using a wonderful PSO design as a modelling/animation test! I am simply a fan of the universe and can’t design anything good myself. All the designs and everything of Rico and PSO are all yours (Sega), I just bow in awe at your work and love the idea of bringing part of the universe to life =)

About time you loser!!

Haha! Great job as usual. I love the tiny detail of the hair sway when she moves. See you on IRC mate!

hahah hey Enriqolonius!!

Your words always fill me with sour joy! tear

Looks great! Does she have particle hair or it is textures on multiple planes? I cannot recognize it :).

thats not joy, thats pain from my size 12 up your @$$… haha!

Very, very nice man. I love the animation, very smooth and clean. It’s really too bad that you didn’t get around to animating Mag, he would be great.

Let’s see the whole demo reel :smiley:

wow, wow, wow!
very inspiring! :slight_smile:

Very smooth and natural looking. Awesome work dude.

And yeah, get the whole friggin reel up when you get it done.


Man that is sweet, really great modeling, and the animation looks sweet, very smooth and natural. Just awesome.

Very well modelled and the animation is just awesome, too bad it is so short. Give us more !

Good movment for the character. Love the little Mag creature. Hes cute!

Just…wow, the animation is spectacular, amazing work.

Not to detract from the work, cuz it’s friggin awesome, but it looks like her boot goes through the floor a little when she brings her leg forward.

Like I said, wow, I am in awe.

Freakin’ awesommeeeee.

thats crazy good :eek:
5 stars!

By far one of the best character animations I’ve seen in Blender.

The fluidity and naturalness of the movements is amazing!

I look forward to seeing your finished demo reel.

Best of luck with the studios =)


Awesome work for riznil. Her shirt goes through her leg. Could you give a rundown of how you did her hair and clothing? Tis freaking awesomes.

Woah! I remember when this was in the WIP Section! She looks great. What was this rendered in? the reflection on the glasses looks really good. I am also wondering if the hair is particles or multiple planes. And as ropsta said, the shirt goes through her leg. I can’t wait to see the reel and Good luck with the studios. 5/5*****

that brings back memories of your shinobi model, great work.

Nice blend! Wow, I’d really want to see your reel. I’m working on mine, too. :wink:

Absolutely awesome animation… Hope you answer the questions about the hair, I’m curious too.