Ride Through a Tunnel Animation

I have made this animation, but it has no sound, can anyone suggest a good music that i can put in the animation? This is a loop so i can basically extend it through the whole song, but i do not want to make it boring, so i need either a short song or a good part from a song.

Any other suggestions are ofcource welcome. And any critique on the animations itself are cool too.

Here is the link: http://vimeo.com/9631161

ha ha ha:D really cool animation. I have thought many times to do something like it. An endless pipe animation. What is clever is the red thing host, it gives a sense of orientation. I did not think of that. By doing it, you added a sense of relative motion. Great Work.

I would add some different color halo lights around to make it more interesting. Also with nodes you can create glare effects. It would be a psychedelic experience…no chewing mushrooms anymore !:spin:

The song? well I guess you got plenty. One minute Waltz? or the sound of the bee? among others, would fit in pretty good.

Good job:evilgrin:

Thanx animaticoide for your input. That is exactly what I was going for when i put the red rod in. Without it it all looks likeit is going in the same direction, but withe the red rod you see clearly when you are going up, right …

I was hoping to get a list of suggested songs that I could choose from, so cmon guys, tell me, what song would you like to play in the tunnel ride?

Well if you want something funny, put in a bunch of rumbling and at the end add the sound of someone belching, like an alka seltzer commercial

its difficult to critic your work if you dont say where you want to get… the animation is very good, the motion of the camera is great and seems that you have used motion blur, isnt it? In any case your work is quite good!


@walshlg Err, no I dont want nothing funny, why would you think that?
@kiki Any critique will do, but what I am really after is a song to play with a looped anumation.
Yes i used motion blur, and ty!

Looks good, nice choice of texture, but I have one thing to say, and it’s something I’ve experienced too.

You see the sort of shaky effect where the camera seems to vibrate as it moves down the path? That’s been one of the biggest problems I’ve had with path animation. There is however, a simple solution, increase the resolution of the path to 30 or 50. I find that 12 just doesn’t cut it.

I have no son suggestions, but I do have an idea that you could include in the tunnel. Look at this video.
I made that in blender, and it is really quite simple. Look at the link in the description, and it will take you to the thread where I first learned this technique. I think it would be really cool to add some of these to your tunnel.