Ridge tile aligning.

I was hoping to get some help with a ridge tile problem. I’m currently trying to line the ridge tiles up with the fall of the roof, but they are currently tilting to the left or the right when I look at them head on. If I try to correct this by rotating them they either fail to follow the fall of the roof or some other problem arises that causes the tiles to sink into the roof, but usually at one corner or the other, or on one side but not the other.
Not sure how much sense this makes so here’s a couple of screen shots

Basically I want the tiles to follow the fall of the roof and have the apex of the tiles match the apex of the section of roof so that the tiles appear as a section of the roof. One that is in line with the shape and fall of the roof but looks raised.

This probably sounds about as clear as mud but I’m not sure how else to phrase it.

Thanks for any help with this.

Duplicate edge, separate P and convert to curve Alt-C. This then could be used to drive Array and you would need just to select both Curve and Tile and slightly adjust position vertically if you had moved curve up before like in image.
P.S. Do not try to recreate directly what you see in image - Curve is selected yet Modifiers are shown for the Tile.


Thanks for the info but I’m still very much stuck. Dupliframes I tried out but just couldn’t get anything to work that way.

With the array method I was able to duplicate the edge, separate it and convert to a curve. After that I had a lot of trouble going any further, but after playing around with the array modifier I was able to create more tiles. These would either stack up vertically, to the side or to the rear of the original tile, there was no way that I could find to get the tile to centre at the top of the edge, other than moving it by hand and just guessing if it was in the right place. I also could not find a way to get the extra tiles to follow the edge curve.
I’m sure it’s me that’s doing something wrong but I can’t see it.

I will keep playing around and see if I stumble across an answer.

If you get edge as a curve - set cursor in edit mode to upper end of it and add a cube. This will be then correctly Globally aligned, not like Curve. Add Array to it, change Array axis so that it goes along some axis but direction where curve points; in image this is -Y.
Now if you add Curve modifier (set same curve there) after the Array Cubes or tiles will follow curve.
If you slightly rotate cube in EDIT mode and make Array distance less than 1 this will make array elements overlap.

Most important for all this is to add cube/tile so that its origin is on the end point of curve - use cursor snapping to curve point.
Curve modifier will make Array ‘turn’ right direction.

Thanks, eppo for the info. It was a bit of a hit and miss affair for me but in the end your instructions lead me in the right direction. The biggest problem was I didn’t really understand how snapping worked, every time I click on something there’s this whole new world to figure out, but I did some research and I have a rough idea of what’s going on now.

Anyway, I got the tiles to line up in a better way than they were, so that’s good.
Cheers for the help, much appreciated.