"Riena" Sci Fi Female Assassin

I’m currently animating a new character for my Blender animated show, “Deadstar.” Her name is Riena and she’s sort of this very mysterious, silent characters but if she is under attack all hell will break loose. So here are a couple photos of her. Let me know what you think. She’ll be introduced in the next episode of the show, which will be out March 6th. Check out the first three episode here: http://www.youtube.com/user/DeadstarSeries/featured

The first episode is not bad at all.
If you allow me to critic a little bit: The animation need some more detailing, like eyes moving and less “static” scenery (some blinking lights and stuff really helps). Also, I think you could heavily improve the models to make them look more like manga characters. Like better eyes outlines and generally more “heavy” or “thick” traces.
Overall it’s quite good. Voice acting could be better and facial expressions of the models while speaking as well as a less “shy” lip movements would really help.
I really didn’t like those little walking machines also. They look ugly and pointless :).
Don’t get my words as a ‘brake’ for your creativity though, some more practice and attention to details and you’ll achieve a very high quality imho. It’s not easy to make something like that with a limited team.

yeah i dont have a team haha but yeah thanks for the advice

I’m watching them all atm :D.
Are you doing everything by yourself?

Awesome animation! Like the cel shading.How did you do that? I am new to the blender and CG scene on the whole. Now learning so that is why I am asking. :slight_smile:

Actually, the 3rd episode is substantially better imho. The second one is the coolest, but sincerely, the “choppy” animation kinda ruined it. However, the 3rd one is much better imho. Just some thoughts:
4:39 - pixelled zoom, not good
4:50-5:05 - a good voice over would be way better than texts imho.
This 3rd episode I really enjoyed watching. Very nicely done.

thanks, yea the second one was hard, it was my first time doing that much movement. and yea i do everything myself and actually notice most of the mistakes which is why the 3rd one is in my opinion better than the others. i do try to improve everytime. so i seriously appreciate that u noticed that. thanks so much for watching them all through. I’ll try to keep getting better haha

Oh and I didnt want a voice for that part.

thank you, the cel shading is done using color ramps.

You nailed the graphic style but she needs longer legs. Knees should reach the shoulder.

How did you achieve this glow effect in the first image? Is it post processed or compositing?

I Just watched the first episode. It is quite impressive, if you consider that you did it alone. Great job. As mentioned above, the animation could need some details - yes, but the whole package, especially the music and the storytelling, is really great. I can’t wait to see the next episodes.

Thanks, well you can watch the first three episodes on the site. And the glow effect is from the Glare node in the compositing. I used streaks, then changed the angle.