Rifle (Update bottom of pg1, +movie)

Waddya think? I think the modelling is almost done. Next is texturing this sucker.


Very nice. I envy your modeling skills. I don’t know what to comment on, as I am not much of a gun man, myself.

Keep it up, and keep us updated!

Very nice.
If the thing on top is a sight, shouldn’t it be placed a little further back to be useful? Not really a gun person either, so I might be wrong.

If it is a sight, it looks like the shooter would have a difficult time using it. The protruding rectangle-shaped object behind it would obstruct the view.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. I speak only as a casual observer, not as any sort of expert in anything.

Haha yeah, you guys are right. Now how the heck am I gonna fix it. I guess I’ll try maybe moving the site back and have the gun load from the bottom.

yeah, I don’t think I can remember that many modern rifles with loading from the top. Maybe loading from the side would work. With an ergonomic “flap” coming out to hold onto the right arm and steady the aim it would make perfect sense :slight_smile:

hmm that thing looks more like a rocket or grenade launcher seen ass u cant really c the barrell well thats what i think lol

Update: http://img48.exs.cx/img48/1827/rifle-wip2.jpg

Where’s the trigger?

I made a movie. Here are some screens if anybody wants it send me an email mredly (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll send you the movie. It’s .bik format because I use bink and smacker to compress.

Here are screens:


Ok i can see a couple things you could do to improve:

-Less particles rounds dont come out of a rifle that close together(not even out of gatling guns) and use motion blur

-More Emit on the particles

-higher velocity, and you might want to do a seperate emittor on for the reflection, usually bullets dont bounce off there target :wink:

-and it could use some muzzle flash.

Could you model a small calibre bullet and have the particle emiter send it as dupliverts with a high normal velocity? Random digression, does anyone know how to distort and object that has been hit by a bullet, i.e. the cracks th at wuold go through stone as an object strikes it at high velocity?

I like the rifle, but the butt of the gun seems to small to me