Here is a rifle I’m doing. Not too hard, but it’s a little challenge. I need to learn how to texture this thing. Anyone have some good texturing tutorials? Here are a couple of tests… Be easy, this is like one of my first models…



That looks great need some backgraoun to see depth and detail a bit better

Roach 8)

nice. If anything mabe a better wood texture.

nice so far, but can we get a shot that’s not a strait side view? A little perspective please.

I’ll get it for you when I get back from school.

I haven’t textured it yet, as I said in my first post. That was just a test. I need some good texturing tutorials… do any of you know wher I can get some?

Looks good. Needs a little more lighting. You can find texturing tutorials easily by searching.

Good keywords are blender, texturing, and tutorial.

Here’s another perspective:


Improve the lighting & wood texture the modeling is good .Also I think it needs some extra specularity

dan i have some very nice wood textures if ude like to give them a try? im not saying yours bad, love your model too, but if u want some more let me know.

SmaTheGreek: Thanks for the critique… it’s just test lighting, not finally, but I’ll definitely work on it :slight_smile:

Pork: Definitely! I’d love to get some new wood textures. I can’t seem to find any really good ones.