Rift Industries "trainer scheme"


Here are some recent models using a ‘trainer’ paint scheme similar to what the US Navy currently employs. The models were created using a UV displacement method with a secondary UV map for the coloring and decals. Enjoy!

And another . . .

Hey, amazing stuff
You may also use AO maps and just bumps, avoiding hi poly displacement.
Lovely presentation BTW!

Thank you, Michalis, for your great UV-displacement inspiration and feedback!

Here are some others with non trainer paint-schemes. I hope you enjoy.

Another . . . sporting a new ‘midnight’ paint scheme.

very nice style… i like the top one the most…

These are some very cool models and renders!!! Great work.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone! :slight_smile: Here is another one . . .

Love the style you’ve got going there!

Thank you, pokestuff!

And now for something a little different . . . :smiley:

Another, sporting a fresh ‘Sunset’ paint scheme. Hope you enjoy. :cool:

I love this thread…so much goodness in here. :slight_smile: Excellent work and I love the style also.


Thank you all for the very kind words! :cool:

And now . . . another. (YEAH!!) This time I used my displacement map as not only a blend-shader mix variant but also as a factor for part of another mix-shader in my node workflow. I LOVE the result! I hope you enjoy.

Have to say. This one is AWESOME.

Great style you got going on!

Thank you @achelois!

And here’s another . . .

wow! these all look good! I think this might deserve a few stars…

Thanks for the kindness, ctdabomb.

And here’s another . . . :eyebrowlift:

Fabulous!!! I am stealing this last one for wallpaper!!! Very nicely done!!!