Rig a Hockey Stick / Canoe Paddle?

What is the best way to do this? IK solvers?

Can’t you just parent it to the bone?

It would work as long as the hand bones had IK solvers with targets parented to the stick, but that is a kind of messy solution. I remember years ago, Martin ( theeth ) made a blend of a hockey player, and I don’t believe he used an IK solvers on it. It might have been using tracking constraints or something.

I think you’d have to think it through backwards from the fact that both wrists will twist and rotate as the stick or oar is manipulated. But this twisting and rotating would be so that the grip was always in the same position around the handle. If you just did parenting, IK and targeting it would only solve half of the issue and you’d be key framing the wrists separately. Just a first glance at it. I am sure there is a good solution for this that would be easy to animate. I don’t have the time to dig into it now though.

I think I will see if I can get away with using IK targets, I could bug martin, but I don’t want to distract him since all the devs are pushing toward a new release just around the corner.