rig advice, elbow aim

I was hoping to get some advice on this rig

The problem I’m having is with elbow aims I have. I have the upper arms locked track to them. The way they are now, I can get the elbows to aim up, but they don’t want to aim down very well. If I try to aim the elbows while the arms are posed, I tend to get a lot of flipping.

I think the problem is having the IK solvers on the middle of the forearm. The extra joint is there for the twist, action contrained to the bones ‘wristCTRL’.

Is it possible to set up an IK chain, and keep one of the bones from solving, so it stays straight? This way I can put the IK at the wrist where I think it belongs.

I’m open to any other suggestions as well.

Thanks in advance.

you could also experiment with two ik solvers
one for the elbow, one for the wrist/hand
the elbow one child of the hand one
soif the chain is upperarm->lowerarm->hand
hand IKconstrained to handsolver
lowerarm IKconstrained to elbowsolver

does this make any sense?