Rig and model for improvement...

Aright, I have this model rigged and ready to go, it just doesn’t quite meet my needs. (The rig will probably be considered sub-standard, which is part of why I have it on here.)

The body is weight painted to follow the rig; I don’t think my weight painting does very well, though the results are passable.

I would appreciate any input and improvement on this. (I’m basically hoping someone will improve it for me for a twofold result: So I can see how it might be done better than I have and because school is really swamping me right now).

http://www.albertlatham.com It is the one and only link on that page. My deepest apologies, I thought I had put this link up already.

Thanks all!

Where exactly is this model/rig?


Sorry. I should have said something in that vein. It is a “salt shaker” which is a character that looks somwhat like a madness character crossed with a salt shaker.

Did that make sense? Let me put up a pic too…

Again, sorry.

I think what Aligorith meant is - Where exactly is this model/rig?

You asked us to take a look and maybe improve it - but where is it? How can we get it to look at so we can make suggestions? You need to upload the blend somewhere or at least post a bunch of descriptive pics - otherwise it’s like me asking you why my car won’t start.

EDIT: Ah, I see now. The link is in your sig. Okay. In future though, could you put the link to the file with your mesage and, if possible, link directly to the file rather than a web page? A lot of users don’t read people’s sigs very often.

For what it is, the rig looks mostly okay to me. I don’t know what limitations there are for gaming rigs so can’t help there - plus I’ve only messed with simple rigs and just muddle through. I’m no rigging expert.

The main issue I have with your rig is that the neck bone rotates the shoulder mesh but not the upper arms so the body twists and the arms stay behind. Either take the neck bone influence off the body or parent the upper arms to it so they move when it rotates.

Is there a reason why the body parts are separate meshes?

IK arms can be limiting and awkward unless they are meant to remain stationary while the body moves. But IK is switchable so that doesn’t have to be a problem.

Eh, I’m sorry, AndyD, and Aligorith, and anyone else who was at least somewhat confused as to what was going on. Added a link in the first post.


I made the body parts seperate in this case so that not only can the character fly apart but the engine doesn’t have to deal with as much mesh deform as it might otherwise.

I may find in the future that mesh deform doesn’t bother the engine, and may just make one solid model. This is all still in flux, and I made this for purely test purposes.

Thankyou for your input,

Everything looks good to me except for IK neck/head setup. You can key the rotation on the head, but keying the location seems to cause issues. But i never use targetless IK, so maybe you know something that I don’t.

Also, last time I played with the game engine, constraints didn’t work. Unless this has changed then you will have to bake any animations that make use of the IK constraints.