Rig and Unwrap

Hello my name is David and I have been working on a game for over a month now, I’d say it is about 40% done (scripts only), all of the models I am using currently are from the internet and some others I have done myself, simple ones like tables and such.

Now, I reached the point where I need the model of the main character in my game done before I can continue. What I need is someone with more skills than I (Shouldn’t be hard to find somebody better, I just been using blender for a few months.) to Rig and Unwrap this model, the base mesh has already been done.

If someone can Rig this model and Unwrap it, I will be in your debt, in fact I would like to save your contact information so that in the near future you can do paid work for me, you do not need to rig the face, just the body, if you do the eyes though I will be more than happy.

The DwarfBase model:
and its texture:

I am trying to make it look like these models:

Like I said before, all I need is the model rigged and unwrapped. Thanks in advance!



DwarfBase.blend (166 KB)

How complicated rigging do you want? like, what type of movement will the model do?

ar the textures in the link form this model and if they ar can you link the model for that textures but before you tried to unwrap it ?

Sorry for the late replies, somebody offered to do it for me but then after draggin’ it out for more than 2 weeks he just dissappeared. I really need this done ASAP, I will be really grateful if any of you can do it.

The textures are not for this model, they are from a model of a friend of mine, complete different model. I have not tried to unwrap it or rig it, I just did the basic mesh on Blender.

The riggin’ does not need to be that complicated, the game will be on 3rd person so there will be running, walking, attacking animations, crouching, peein’, drinking, smoking, blocking, etc. I did forget to do the eye meshes though, that should be pretty easy to do, don’t mind face rigging, just the eyes and thats it.

If you are willing to help me with this, send me a private message here on blenderartists and I will get back to you right away (I get notifications on my phone from the site).

Thanks in advance!