Rig/animate a cube 'monster'

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create a cube ‘monster’ for use in a game I’m creating in Unity. I have a basic cube mesh made from the default starting cube in Blender, UV-mapped and working in the game fine for a start.

However, I would like to create a couple of animations for the cube, including a vertical compression and stretch for a jumping action, but am unsure how best to go about it. Think of the cube as being jelly - like.

Can I just try animating some scaling deformations? I don’t really want to go the whole ‘subdivision’ and armature creation route as it seems needlessly complicated for what I want, but I’m unsure (being very new to Blender) how I would animate as all the tutorials I seem to find use armatures…

Any help or pointers would be gratefully received. :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the forum!

You can do this animation without an armature in blender, it will require you to make ‘shape keys’ to accomplish this. Shape keys are nothing more than movement of the vertices that create your object. For example, if you’d like your cube to stretch, you’d make a shape key and in edit mode for the mesh, you’d move the top vertices upward. Then to animate, you’d simply adjust the value of the shape key. Fairly simple to do…

The question is does unity support this kinda of animation? I think game engines refer to is as vertex animation, as that is what it really is, animating the vertices that make up the object. If unity doesn’t support this animation, then you will need an armature. I’d think the unity forums probably have answers as to how to do this with blender. Search for blender and shape keys.

Sorry, I’ve never messed with a game engine before…


Brilliant - thanks for that! And sorry for the late reply, I hadn’t subscribed to the thread and moved on to another project in Unity so I hadn’t needed to come back looking for a solution just yet. I will give that a try. :slight_smile: