Rig armature to only bend at specific points?

Wasn’t sure what to name this one, essentially I have this robot arm - like rig:

And beforehand I was just rotating the individual objects and the others would react because they’re parented.

But then I realized for what I was doing, I needed it to be an armature so I could have everything grouped to one action. The issue is when I rig it, it bends the objects (obviously) instead of rotating them around the specific point.

So my question is, how can I make it so I get the same result as I had before, just with an armature instead of parented objects? I have a feeling it has to do with weight painting, which I don’t really know anything about.
Thank you in advance!

You have your bones set up wrong, it looks like. You need to have the head and tail of each bone at the pivot points of the objects attached to them, and you would do well to set the parent to Bone, rather than any of the other parenting choices. With this setting, the mesh won’t bend.

To add to @Anthony_Forwood’s comment, use the assign button for weight painting.

So I did what Anthony said and and now have a result like this. How to I get to the point where I have the option to assign for weight painting?

Well, you don’t have to weight paint-- if those are individual objects, you can select one, shift select the armature, go into pose mode, ctrl-p parent bone relative, repeat.

If you want to do it with weights, you can select an object, parent to armature with empty groups, then select linked to grab one piece, assign to the vertex group with the appropriate name (same as the bone you want it to follow), repeat.

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That worked, thank you!

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