Rig/bone different in edit mode and object mode


I have problem again with the rig, this time is the upper leg and lower leg. It is different pose when in Edit Mode and Object mode.

I apologize the gif is not working, here is the screen shot.

Do you have any solution? Thank you =)

For me the image is quite strobing on and off. Quite unpleasant to look at.

Sorry, I have problem with the gif, please look at it again. Thank you

Hmmm… what constraints do you have set up? Somewhere there will be a IK constraint that doesn’t meat it’s target in edit mode… or a copy rotation, and it’s not in the same position by default. Something like that.

Here is the constraint:

It may be caused by the position of the knee-control bone.

Okay, I will delete it and try to make it again.

Another question, with cloth like ones circled in the picture attached, which is the better approach to do? :

  1. cloth animation in blender
  2. cloth animation in unity
  3. make extra bones for the cloth in blender than animate
  4. just do the weight paint to the upper leg, without extra bones

Thank you

Don’t know if you have to delete… just remove from the constraint and see what happens.

Can’t answer this question as I don’t know much about unity.

When I moved my constrains, the bone is snap back to the original position, but I cannot use the foot control bone.

I’m basically helping you by guesswork here. Could you post the .blend? You have far more constraints in the scene than the IK you mentioned earlier.

Here is the file, thank you =)

bone bare.blend (621.9 KB)

Well, you’re right leg seams to be working OK… somewhere in your rig there’s something wrong in the left leg… go through all the bones and constraints looking for something different.

My right leg is OK because i turn off the IK. >.<

The difference between edit and object modes is due to the incorrect pole angle of the ik constraint. You can calculate the perfect pole angle with this script: https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/19754/how-to-set-calculate-pole-angle-of-ik-constraint-so-the-chain-does-not-move

Hello @helluvamesh,
I don’t know how to input script to blender. I’ll think I just use it as it is for now.

  • paste to script into a text editor
  • change the bone names in the script to match your bone names
  • hit ‘Run Script’ in the text editor
  • Info Header > Window > Toggle System Console
  • read the pole angle frmo the console

This comes up a lot, so maybe I should create an easier way to do this in my free animation tools addon.

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You need to learn how to run scripts. But if you don’t, there is another way to get a vector on the 90 degrees positive or negative. But before I begin, your pole angle is going to be vectors depended upon your bone rolls and the positing of your plane from your base bone (last in chain) to ik bone and pole bone. If you look your bone position and bone rolls are not the same so 90 won’t work. It’s another value. You can align all your bones and roll and use it (which most people don’t because legs are almost never straight) or align your pole target to your base bone. So, if you want something at say 90, then you have to insure that your pole target is in the same plane as the local Z of your base bone(90 degrees from local X). So do this. Take your IK constraint off for now in pose mode. Go to edit mode.X mirror off. Delete your pole target bone kneectrl.r. Select your upleg.r bone which will be your base bone once you put the IK back on and duplicate without moving anything. Tab back into pose mode with this still selected. G ZZ and move it to the front of the leg on local Z axis. Then do Apply pose as rest pose from the menu or whatever. Now add your constraint back to the bone and use this new bone as the pole target. You moved it on Z axis in negative direction so you set your 2 bone chain and your pole target to -90. Now your pole angle bone is perfectly aligned on -90.

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I added an operator to my addon “GYAZ Animation Tools” to setup an ik constraint, which also sets the perfect pole angle.

Properties Editor > Data > Setup IK Constraint


This uses the math found here: https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/19754/how-to-set-calculate-pole-angle-of-ik-constraint-so-the-chain-does-not-move

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Hello @stilltrying,

thank you for the explanation and step by step.
Here is my bone after doing your tutorial.

Your bone replace the function of KneeCtrl bone and it stays the same in object or edit mode.

Hello @helluvamesh,

Thank you for your script, but there’s something wrong with mine.

Here is the one from you.

Here is the one that I copy paste from the other link. (I’ve already change the name of the bone)