Rig, bones, pull one and another

Is tehre a way to have it so that each bone can pull each other so that there is no child or master, like the child can also effect the master on the IK chain.

It is seen in this video posted in the workshop, using a different software, I am just wondering if it is possible with blender.

I haven’t time to see the video all the way through…

If you mean recursive references in a chain, no.
If you mean mutual constraints, yes.

An IK chain requires mutually exclusive targets. You cannot target a bone that you want to affect. It’s like trying to pack a box into itself.

The mesh or objects which follow a constraint may follow more than one constraint by degrees. This is standard across 3D softwares.

Hope this helps. I’ve got to go now. If you still have Q’s ask. Also, check out the blender documentation: character animation. Good luck.

Well I have rigged many characters, but I am just trying to find a better way. Like shown in that video.


if the questioner is using CVS then the documentation is really not of much use.

I think you can do something similar using CVS version, but not positive - ie the ‘targetless ik’



I didn’t watch either (56k) but I’m pretty sure you mean “ragdoll physics”.

This, as Letterip says, comes close:


2.40a2 just grab the selected bone in Pose mode.


WELL! BLEMDER DID IT AGAIN! The feature was right in front of my face, just select automatic IK