Rig cable

Hey guys
I need your help. I’m working at an animation the last days but I struggle with the animation of a cable. The cable should follow the movement of an object and stay with the other end at a position.
I allready tried to animate it with bones and with a curve but both didn’t really worked.
I thought about the game engine to record the movement of the cable but I didn’t find a solution.
One end of the cable following an emphty would be perfect.
Do you have any ideas how I could do this easyly?

I guess you could use hooking combined with a softbody. To hook vertices or curvepoints to an object, first select the object you want the vertices to follow, then the rope, enter edit mode, select the vertices and press ctr + h. … However I would really just stick to simple curves and keyframe animation instead of complex and baking-intensive softbodies.
Hope this helped :slight_smile:

EDIT: Geeze this is what I’m getting for checking if there really is no better way… now I look like a copycat :smiley:

Thank you guys :smiley:
This helpfed me a lot.