Rig door of Bus

I want rig door of Bus and i am beginner in blender and i found this Rigas in image and it meet what i want but ididnot understand it. can one please explaing it for me.
and the rig too like in this youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBPdgouJiJk

Thanks alot

Hi there, why use a rig for something as simple as a door my suggestion is just use the doors pivot points this can be done by positioning the 3d cursor at the hinge point of the door and then use the object set origin.

This is a simple setup using basic bone constraints. Look out some non-character rigging tutorials. I won’t recreate this setup for you.

It’s not going to work in this case as the pivot points needs to move in an arch. It’s much simple to make a rig like that

i need to rig it like that then i can use it in unreal engine4

can you please more explain or when you want i can send you my door then i can understand it

whith pivot point didnt work i tried this solution but it was not what should be as in reality