rig download

hi ppl,i want to know is it possible to dowload rigs from internet(like face rig,body rig) and use them for my model that i have created.will it work??where i can find rigs?and how i must put in blender(emport?,appende?)

I dont think that you can just download a rig without a mesh attached to it or if there is it will be difficult to find. I would just download a rigged mesh(e.g from TurboSquid)
and use the rig for your own model(if it isnt a .blend file which you donwload then I would use a 3d-Converter(FBX-Converter from Autodesk will work well and is free). For instance if you donwload a .max file then just load it into the FBX-Converter. Blender supports Collada-files, .3ds files, and .obj files, which all can be converted to in the FBX Converter. You give a directory where you want to save the converted files and import them through Blender via “File”->“Import” and choose the format you want to have.