Rig eyes

hy guys…any ideas to rig this eyes like this one

Could be done with a Lattice.
Add a Lattice and adjust it so it is slightly bigger than the eye sphere. Parent the sphere to the Lattice. Parent the lattice to the head bone.
Sphere: Add a Lattice modifier and select the lattice. Now you could either create shape keys for the lattice, or link up the verts of the lattice to some hooks and animate those…
Now the eye sphere keeps its deformations while being rotated.

Here’s an example I use.


eye_problem.blend (724 KB)

To make it squash and stretch, I agree with Motimo. Using a lattice is the way to go.

I never used Damped track…it’s useful…
And finally…the Blink is made using another mesh…
How can I swith differents meshes ( not manually with the visibility?

Set your keys in the outliner on the render camera for the mesh and it may help to also key the viewport eye the same as well on and off.