Rig for Unity.

What kind of human rig does Unity support? By that I mean, does it support the type of rig that has an IK/FK switch? Because that would save an animator a ton of counter-animation. Where could I find a human rig on Unity Asset store that showcases how should an optimal human rig for Unity game engine be like?

Yes, you can basically add any bone constraint (I don’t think there are restrictions on this, as far as I know at least). I’ve used IK, child of, copy loc/rot/esc, limit loc/rot/esc, I think I used track to once… I’ve never had any problem with this. The reason it’s because blender bakes the whole animation in the fbx file. So when it exports it’s no longer a constraint. I’ve even made IK/FK switches without problem.

Blender even exports the Actions as seperate animations inside the FBX, which is something you can’t usually do in most animation packages, so it’s really great. Unity and Unreal supports this.

You can’t import back the armature easily though, you have to skin only with weight paint or via vertex groups (bone envelopes are not supported).

The only issue es that FBX tend to have a big disc size, so if you work for mobile that can lead to complications. If you are animating a 2D for mobile it’s best to consider a software like Spine, otherwise, Blender is awesome for 3D game animation.

Wow, so much time has passed since I remember to visit this thread.

Nevertheless, thank you scardario, you’ve helped me and relieved my mind a lot by answering this troubling question.