Rig from Blender into native Maya? [Blender to Maya to ARTv1 to Unreal 4?] [Export weights from Blender to Maya?]

Hey guys, how’s it going? I’ve run into a big problem.

I modeled a character in Blender and now I need to make it work in Unreal 4 as if it’s a proper UE4 rig.

Reading around I learned that the only “native” rig that UE4 recognizes 100% is one created using Maya and ARTv1 Tools (developed by Epic)… god knows I tried, but skinning in Maya is a frigging nightmare… this character has various outfits and overlapping meshes, so Maya at my current understanding of the software is out of question…

so I rigged and skinned the model in Blender, using the base rig provided for UE4’s mannequin, in the hopes it’d work in UE4. It doesn’t.

Right now I trying to find a work around to make Maya somehow recognize the vertex weights from Blender and transfer it to an ARTv1 Tool/Maya rig… bones names and hierarchy are the same, and my rig from Blender works as a “stand alone” rig in Maya… but whenever I try to transfer it to a Maya rig it simply override all weights…

Has anyone succeeded in doing something like this? Maybe there are other workarounds? Please let me know!!

Rig and skinning in Blender: Works Perfectly

Rig and skinning in Maya (Blender FBX rig): Works Perfectly

Rig in Maya with ARTv1

Skining in Maya with Maya ARTv1’s rig: completely broken

Please help! :slight_smile:

I think you need to break your steps down in Maya a little more detail so we can help you. Or go to a Maya forum and do the same.

But just FYI you could simply rig it in Maya and then transfer the weights from the Blender mesh to the Maya one. Perhaps that is what you are trying but it is not real clear.

I think you need to break down the steps in more detail to see where you might be doing something wrong.

It should work , and it is a fairly standard practice in Maya.

Hy Richard, thanks.

That is exactly what I’m trying to do, but with no success. I tried exporting the weight values from the the Blender rig using Maya and then importing back to the Maya Rig, but it didn’t seem to work.

If you could point me to the right direction that’d be of great help, man!

Thank you.

Well the process in Maya is pretty much straight forward as it is in Blender. Put both objects in the scene, select and shift select. (you have to have to correct order here of it will go backwards) and the simply choose transfer weights and it should work without a hitch.

use this process:

If you like to cut off the Maya part you can try this