Rig Lattice to Armature to Mesh


I have a mesh deformed by a lattice.
I would like to to deform the lattice with an armature.

I am unable to figure out how I can assign vertex groups of the lattice to the bones.

Any tip?

I think if you use a mesh instead of a lattice you can use the mesh deform modifier and then you can weight paint the control mesh like you would normally. I just did a test with the default cube, duplicated it, made the duplicate the control mesh, added an armature, and weight painted the top of the control mesh. When I move the top bone around it moved the control mesh and the original cube deformed as well. I hope that helps.

To my understanding the mesh cage does not work with other objects than a mesh.

The idea is to twist the bone and by that twist the lattice which itself will change the mesh.

Here is a file I have sofar.


I got the envelope bones to work. But I seem unable to figure out how to use vertex groups
with the lattice and armatures. I am not even sure if that can work.

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Another option for more Armature deform control;

The “Use VGroup” or “Use Envelope” options now are in Modifier Panel
for Armature deform.
If Modifiers are in use, they override the Armature settings for it.
(Cannot get rid of the Armature panel options yet, since Blender still
allows parenting to be deforming too, which is displayed as a Virtual
modifier now)

This now allows to - for example - make a Envelope deform on a Lattice,
and have same Armature use vertexgroups on Mesh.

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Mod can you move it to support > animation ?

If you want to use vertex groups with a lattice, you have to manually create them, since lattices do not get the automatic make vertex group option that meshes have and there is no weight paint mode for lattices either .

Go to the Links and Materials panel with the lattice selected . Tab into Edit Mode and go to the “Vertex Group” area of the panel and press “New” . Change the default “Group” to a name of a bone in your armature (be aware it is case sensitive) . Select the control points/verts you want that bone to influence in the lattice . Go to the Links and Materials panel and hit “Assign” . This will turn the edges of the selected control points/verts red (to indicate the degree/weight of the vertex group - red = 1.0 full) . Repeat for each bone in the armature .

Once you have finished, the name that appears in the vertex group name field will be the one that appears in Edit Mode highlighted with it’s weight value .

You can even manually change the weight value of certain control points/verts by selecting them and then changing the weight value below the name field to anything less then 1.0 and then hitting “Assign” again . It the attached example I selected a loop in the Bone.001 vertex group and set the weight to 0.5, so the loop appears green (0.5 weight in the weight spectrum) .


Lattice+Armature.blend (146 KB)

OMG bone names - of course.

I totally forgot that that is what the auto vertex naming does with bone and mesh.

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Thank you for the pointer!

You’re welcome . It’s always nice to help out a “power user” once in a while :wink:

It is time the semester ends

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