rig layer and properties script running by defaulr

Hey guys, there are a number of 2.5 rigs out there by now that do this, including 2 unreleased rigs of mine, and most rigs have got a version of “rig layers” to appear in the sidebar, and/or rig properties.

What I can’t figure out is why do some rigs have these properties enabled by default and others not? I hate having to run the script every time.

In system preferences i have "autorun python scripts’ checked, but that’s not it. I’ve compared different rigs to find out what the hell it is, but I don’t see anything that different in the code, plus the code shouldn’t really define if code is executed on opening the blend file, right?.. I’m stuck.

Does anyone know how I can make the script for these sidebar controls run by default when opening the file? In other words, how can I make those extra controls appear in the sidebar by default?

Gotta click the little ‘Register’ box in the text editor window.

With, you know, the script you want to auto-run on startup being the currently displayed one…just had to add that bit in because somebody is bound to ask why it doesn’t work for them.

Thank you very much! That did the trick! I did check it before, but unchecked it because I didn’t see it in another rig! D’OH!! This is very useful.