(Rig) Man Rig

i have been working on this rig for like half an hour and its alright i guess but i was wondering what you guys think? this is my first complete rig (sry no finger movement or face movement) there is a problem with the “Spine” bone and the rest are pretty much okay. the eyes are not rigged. but this is my first rig ever so keep that in mind lol. if u want to download this rig, the link is below

Rigging is as rigging does.

Welcome to BlenderArtists, thior. It’s hard to comment on a rig we can’t see, either the actual bones or sample poses. All you’re showing is a makehuman mesh – not too exciting, and nothing really to comment on.

Set the bones to X-Ray, so we can see the rig, or, better yet, use them to pose the mesh in some poses – bending down to pick something up, reaching for something on the top shelf, looking back over his shoulder…

Half an hour is not a terribly long time to work on a rig, given the complications rigging entails. Check out the Mancandy Fac DVD for more information about rigging.