rig mancandy

is there a tut not too long for the mancadny rig
which show a little how it is built and work
cuase the rig is simple for isntance fingers have only one bone not 3
but still how can i proceed to change the model and put my oown charactere instead
of thie dummy which does not look like a normal human ?


Hmm, are we thinking of the same Mancandy rig???

The mancandy rig is not simple. In your finger example, there isn’t just one bone, that is just the controlling bone. Check out some of the other armature layers and you’ll see what I mean. I believe that each finger has 6 bones including the controllers, pointers, etc, but it could be even more than that.

I would recommend checking out the Mancandy FAQ DVD. There are some step by step video tutorials on it which may help you.

i checked the main site at


and did not see any FAq site
do you have that site ?