Rig messed up when I re-opened my .blend file

EDIT: This has been solved. I just had to push the button ‘reload trusted’ as Daren said. My rig went back to normal after that. :slight_smile:

when you open the blend file – look at the upper right and click “reload trusted”

Oh wow, that’s it? I pressed that button and bam, it went back to before. Lol, I hate it when something goes wrong and it’s just one button that causes it. Thanks alot! :smiley:

yeah because easy fixes are for noobs!

(lol sorry, i know what you meant, really)

Hey, I’m not a noob! :wink: Though I’ve had a lot of similar instances where one button would cause all this havok and I’d just have to change it to go back to normal. Surely that’s happened to you before! :smiley: :wink: I know you’re only joking. :slight_smile:

No – its a significant issue in this case. There was a python security thing changed in 2.68 which rendered rigify messed up – I don’t remember the whole issue, but it did scare me too (still does) because I have so much invested in rigify

Just in case you thought I was referring to you about joking, I actually said that to Small Troll xD But yeah, I was really confused as to why my rig looked like that… I discovered that the auto execution in the file menu was turned off in the preferences. I turned it on, and now I don’t have to push that button every time I open a .blend file with Rigify, or any other addon. Isn’t it supposed to be turned on by default anyway?