Rig Mixamo to gmod


1. What is the type of project?: Addon
2. Are you a company or individual? Individual
3. What kind of designer are you looking for? Coder
4. What is the deadline? 30/11/21
5. Description of the project. It is best to be clear on what you expect the final project to look like, this will attract higher level designers:
Mixamo is a site that allows to autorig a model, and can provide it with several animations, and I would like to know, if it would be possible to make a plugin, so that the animation of the mixamo rig, is put on the rig of a gmod model (garry’s mod)
6. What is the budget? I would discuss it directly with the coder

It seems like You require an addon which will convert an animation between Mixamo armature and Gmod armature. I already downloaded some mixamo animations to take a closer look. Would You be so kind to share with me a link to some gmod model? This would certainly make things easier for me. Another question, in what format the gmod models are stored? Is it SMD or some other file type?

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