Rig not reacting to pose mode

I have a rig that was created with a lot of help from K.Horseman and it was working perfectly. It was a really simple mesh and didn’t have much going on. I then changed the mesh to look better, I just messed with the vertices to make it look like it was wearing armor and such. However, when I reenter pose mode the rig doesn’t react when I try to move it.
Was editing the mesh after the rig was made a bad idea? Was it something else? I would appreciate any help.
Below is the .blend file for my model, just in case it’ll help to have it.

Chibi Model Rigged.blend (617 KB)

Change the pivot center back to Median Point and turn off Manipulate Center Points. Like so:

Change pivot point back to median. Next to the Pivot point icon on the 3DView editor header is an icon with three dots and a double headed arrow. Click that off. Then everything works fine.

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